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Welfare Ashore In 2014 (30 Jan-1 Feb) an international and interdisciplinary conference will be held at the University of Hull dealing with the ‘The Health and Welfare of Seafarers: Past, Present and Prospects’. Registration for this event is now open [Click here].


So, why study seafarers? There are many possible ways of answering this question — more interesting and constructive than a simple ‘Why not?’ — but in doing so we should consider the argument that those who work at sea, along with their families, constitute a large and marginalised group, both historically and in today’s society.

Working Aloft Added to this is the long-held belief that maritime occupations raise distinctive health and welfare needs whilst also posing peculiar challenges of care and provision.Exploring, understanding and testing this distinctiveness are good places to begin.The conference will bring historians together with scholars interested in contemporary seafaring, and with stakeholders who work with seafarers and their families. A conscious aim is to encourage interaction between historians and stakeholders in the belief that each can learn from the other.
Log Entry A quick, and superficial, comparison between the historical health and welfare needs of seafarers and their current ones might suggest a great deal of continuity in the “sailor’s lot” across time and space, despite immense changes in shore society and in the work environment at sea.This remains to be tested. If meaningful continuities are found, then valuable insights might emerge for policy-makers, medical practitioners, welfare providers, employers and workers.The conference organisers gratefully acknowledge the support of
The University of Hull SSHM SeafarersUK The Wellcome Trust

Online Registration Open

The online registration and payment facility for the conference is open. Simply follow the link provided on the Registration and Practical Information page of the site.

Memory Wall Added

Running alongside the Conference will be a Memory Wall on which people can share memories and experiences connected with the health or welfare of seafarers. We are keen to hear from anyone who has a memory to share, whether from seafarers in any branch of shipping (active or retired), or from relatives of seafarers, or … Continue reading

Postgraduate Posters: Final Call

If you are a postgraduate student working on aspects of the health and/or welfare of those who work at sea, ashore or afloat, in any branch of seagoing labour, including shore communities, past or present, then there is still time to submit a poster proposal for the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase … Continue reading

Seafarers Conference Infosite Goes Live!

After a good deal of work by a good many people, we’re delighted to launch the blog and infosite for the ‘Health and Welfare of Seafarers’ conference. All of the basic event information is there, including, most importantly,  the conference programme. We’re delighted by the interest that the conference has generated — this promises to be … Continue reading